Piggery Poke evolves


After more than a decade of running Piggery Poke as a hostel for walkers and cyclists, we have decided that the time has come to change Piggery Poke into a self-catering cottage.

Over the years, we have enjoyed receiving visitors from the UK as well as overseas, including Europe, Australia, China, America and Canada.  Unfortunately, with the effects of COVID-19, the hostel has had to remain closed for most of 2020 and is likely to have to remain so for the foreseeable future.  Added to this, post-Brexit, we anticipate seeing far fewer visitors from Europe.  Running Piggery Poke as a hostel simply is no longer viable.

We have started re-designing the interior and will be seeking planning permission to add a lounge/sun room.  We will end up with a 3 bedroom cottage that sleeps up to 10 people: